3 Deadly Mistakes when Texting a Woman

and How to Avoid Them Mates from Top Dating Sites dot com made a post about texting and asked me to give a adept eye on their advice.

As they probably do it for the backlinks juice, I will gladly give my perspective. There are some mistakes you definetely want to avoid.

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One thing stands out in the examples from that site and that is – neediness.

If this is the beginning of the interaction with a girl, especially if she’s a “girl in demand” the chances are you will sound desperate with such messages. Especially number 2. “I’m holding my breath until you text back”. Seriously? For real? Ok of course you’re not holding the breath for real (I really hope so. Please breathe!). This sounds desperate. Don’t send this! Really! Unless there is heavy attraction between you two and you both are into each other. Then it’s not much of a difference what you’ll text.

This might sound a bit too direct comment for some. Let me elaborate – a person that is having things going on with his life won’t just stand there and watch his phone for incoming text messages. That person will do what he does and from time to time will check his phone. If he is doing something important and he receives a message, he will check it later when he finishes what he is doing. Waiting with his breath on pause sends the wrong idea.
To some this might sound a little romantic. While I admit you have to have some guts to send messages like that, it rarely works. The girl have to be hopeless romantic and consider you dating material in the first place for this to have chances to work.

Which brings me to mistake number 2 – sounding Cheesy.

Cheesy can work very well and at the same time be your demise. If you’re being cheesy in your messages this will be turn off most of the time, especially when she is someone you just met. Unless you make it deliberately cheesy. Like you realize how cheesy that text will sound and you send it with joking intentions (include smiley, winking faces). It sounds a bit dorky then and she knows you’re not being serious with it. This won’t pressure her.

Another mistake (number 3) I see is message #6 – getting ahead of yourself. If this message is coming after some flirtatious exchange that is hinting a meeting – well done. However shooting an address like that will 95% of the cases flake. Unless you’re both already dating and feel pretty comfortable with each other. In this case – it probably won’t matter anyway. Again don’t start directly with that. Lead to it.

In general terms the message examples from that site might work (fat chance) … on someone desperate as the messages themselves. This however might not be the girl of your dreams, especially if she become clingy to you way too easy. However if you try to hook with “a girl in demand” with such mushy-washy style – I bet it won’t work. Unless you’re Brad Pit and have a Ferrari (and she somehow know it).

And please avoid message #3 altogether as it might deliver the wrong idea. Not come from her mouth? What’s that, when she’s with the guy in person what she says does not come from her heart? Or is it her voice? This thing can mess her up in a bad way.

While I’m not master of text game I can recognize mistakes when I spot them. I won’t teach you how to become good. However if you want to become very, very good (and even more) you can check out the program of my teacher – Race

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