5 TIPS for Online Dating in Russia

Believe it or not, the online dating game is as hard as dating women offline. Why? you might ask… Simply because there are some rules you must abide to if you want to make a good first impression to your date partner. NOTE: the first impression really counts, especially for dating women in Russia.

Hundreds and even thousands of Russian women have online profiles, one more attractive than another. Your goal is to pick those profiles that interest you and contact each person personally.

Each dating site has its own ‘searching’ options where you can look up women and retrieve their contact details, get direct e-mail, postal addresses, telephone number, etc. You can take a peek in the photo gallery and select the person of your dreams, faster than a speeding bullet.

Here comes the hardest part… How to make a good first impression and convince her to have a date with you as soon as possible. Below are 5 TIPS for Online Dating in Russia: TIP 1 – Create a ‘killer’ online profile If you want to attract Russian women, your online profile must be super attractive and it must look original. There are hundreds other profiles of men just like you that are hunting for a Russian woman, your profile must stand on its own. It must be unique and

“Stop Chasing After Women, and Let the Women Chase You… Learn Proven, Secret Techniques That Will Make Ladies Fall in Love With You Every Single Time!” attractive.

Make sure you add a nice photo to your profile (don’t add a nude one, it looks like you’re desperate and have no common sense!). The photo should represent only your person. It’s better you do not do photos with your dog, house or car. Russian women are not really impressed by those things.

TIP 2 – What do you really want? Before you search online for Russian women, do your homework first. What do you have in mind when it comes to dating on the Internet? a) a long or short therm relationship b) a sex relationship c) a marriage d) just for the fun of dating TIP 3 – Do you want to hunt for women? Wouldn’t be better to let women hunt for you while you simply pick which one you like most and start dating them. The key here is to create a killer profile that will attract women like wildfire.

NOTE: do not lie about you, your interests, hobbies or whatever you describe in your profile. Russian women do not like to be fooled and want to be respected, so don’t risk your chance of success.

TIP 4 – E-mail communication Usually, if you want to build trust with your dating partner (that’s the KEY!) you should use e-mail first. It’s not as personal as phone conversation but it works in the online medium and
works wonders. Send a few e-mails to get to know her better, if she likes what you’re writing her, she’ll gladly respond with comments, questions, etc. In the beginning try to ask just a few questions and keep conversations small.

TIP 5 – Telephone conversation Telephone is much more personal than e-mail. You should increase your chance of success by at least 300% if you communicate by phone with your potential online dating partner. TIP: talk slowly and calmly.

Do not ask inadequate or too many questions. Don’t look desperate and needy. Try to converse like you’ve known her for some time. Do not act like you’re a stranger to her (you had already talked with her by e-mail several times before!). Finally, you’ve read the 5 TIPS for Online Dating in Russia. Don’t you think you deserve to succeed in the online dating game now? Now, go on and create your ‘killer’ online profile!and more popular because of its convenience and advantages….