5 Online Dating Profile Tips

Online Dating is great for the shy guy. Although you need to get out there and actually meet women, you can get to know them somewhat before the actual meeting. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: everyone should try online dating. It simply works.

Conversely, everyone should use multiple methods of meeting women (well, at least guys who are dating!). Although many people meet their life partner through online dating, and a friend just got married to someone he met online last weekend, it is only one technique and one technique alone. Try other methods too such as meeting women through friends, speed dating, approaching women, meeting women through your social circle and more.

Everything said, online dating has a (sometimes steep) learning curve. In this article we will concentrate on your dating profile tips.

1)    You need at least one good picture. Carry a camera around (or use your phone, usually ok, but not as good) and have like 500 pictures of you taken over the next 2 weeks. Most will suck, but a few of them will be decent. Conversely, get a professional photographer (possibly very cheap on Craigslist).

Be reasonably well dressed and groomed unless for example you are kite surfing, them dress appropriately for kite surfing! A variety of pictures – action, still, alone, with friends, is excellent, but you need AT LEAST ONE.

2)    Change your main picture regularly, at least every couple of months. This essentially makes you a new person online.

3)    Do not remotely even hint at desperation in your profile. “I’m just looking for someone who can put up with my idiosyncrasies” is inane. Do not put yourself down remotely, even if in a funny Woody Allen style. Positive, positive, positive. Fact is, you are the ideal man for plenty of cute women; you just need to connect with them.

4)     List your desires in a woman. No, not like “big hooters” and “loves to suck dick.” But for example if you love the outdoors, you can mention you are looking for a woman who is willing to try if not love outdoor activities.

And I love food, I’m a foodie, so I mention that “If your idea of a great meal out is Chilis or Olive Garden, we might not be a match.” I also clearly state that “Intelligence is Attractive” – notice how I started that positively. I didn’t say “Dumb Broads are boring” – some are, some aren’t.

5)    This is a tough one for guys: your profile needs to have feelings and emotions, not just lists of things. We’ll need to write more on this later as the topic could take several books to cover.
Most importantly – get a profile out there (I suggest at least 2 dating sites to start, and at least one can be free like OKCupid or Plenty of Fish). It will not be perfect, in fact it might suck, but you will be improving it as you go along.

And once it’s done, start sending lots of messages to women. Several a day!