Dating and Hygiene Do not take for granted

For most people, how to have proper hygiene is something they learned in health class when they were in school. They had to take tests on the subject and everything in order to pass that class. Since they had to study this topic, one would think that some of it should have stuck. It would also seem that taking good care of your body and being clean is common sense. However, there is an amazing number of people that simply don’t find it necessary to engage in good hygiene. Whether they’re too lazy or just don’t care, it’s still a sad state of affairs when an adult just refuses to be clean.

While that’s definitely hard to understand, there’s an even odder phenomenon that seems to go along with that. These individuals that refuse to do even the basics of cleaning themselves up also find it very difficult to understand why they can’t get anyone to go out with them. That’s rather amusing as well as amazing because you would think that, at some point, they would catch onto what the problem is.

Now, just to make it easy to know what needs to be done in order to have good hygiene, following is a check list so that there will be no excuses for being dirty and smelling bad:

Bathe regularly. Even when you think you’re not dirty, if you’re planning to go out with someone special or you’re just going out on the hunt, bathe anyway. This includes shampooing your hair. Oily hair is just not attractive.
Use deodorant daily. Don’t assume that you’re not reeking of body odor. Seriously, just don’t take the chance. Smelling of onions isn’t a turn on for most people.

Brush your teeth, and gargle with mouthwash if you have any on hand. Fresh breath is a huge part of good hygiene. No one wants to kiss someone that’s too busy or lazy to brush their teeth.
Wear clean clothes. When you’re sitting around your home by yourself, you can wear any smelly old clothes you want. However, if you’re going out on a date with someone that you really want to impress, always wear something that looks decent and is freshly laundered.

Now, those are the basics. Add to that other things such as dressing appropriately for the locale that you’ll be going with your date. A black tie restaurant shouldn’t have you sporting jeans and a t-shirt. On the other hand, that exact outfit may work out just fine if you’re going to see a movie or playing a round of miniature golf. You need to use your best judgment and common sense with things such as that.

If you feel that you’re not such an unattractive person, yet you keep having trouble landing dates, look very closely at the above list and make doubly sure that you’ve done everything on the list. As long as you pay attention to being clean and smelling good, everything else should simply fall right into place.