First Date: How to Tell if a First Date Should be your ONLY Date

Do you worry about what to expect from a new man on a first date? Everyone has a different idea of the difference between a  good first date and bad first date. But there are a few signs you can look for that can show if  your first date with a man should be your only date and these
signs aren’t hard to spot.

Pay close attention to where he’s taking you for your first date.

The only real location rule for a first date is that it should be a public place where there are other people, for safety reasons. If he’s trying to get you to meet him somewhere that’s isolated or secluded or asks you to meet him at his home, then that should immediately trigger a red flag. Ask for a change of dating venue, if he’s not willing or comes up with a similar type of location, don’t go.

Remember to put your safety first.

When you meet your date, pay close attention to his behavior. Does he act as though you’re not together? Does he walk ahead of you, as though he’s alone? Does he order for both of you without asking what you want? Does he leer at you? If he’s displaying these behaviors on a first date, they’ll only get worse as he gets to know you better.
Communication is important in a relationship and in a first date. While you may find that some men aren’t great conversationalists, many times after they get to know you they’ll open up. But the man to look out for is the one that can’t stop talking, especially about himself. Now it may be that he’s trying to impress you and lack of confidence is making him try too hard, but most likely he’s just a man who’s only interested in himself. Either way you’d need to decide if that’s the kind of man you want to be with.

Courtesy is also important on  first dates. When it comes to courtesy don’t just look at how he treats you, after all if he likes you, he’ll be on his best behavior. You need to watch how he treats others. Is he rude or abusive to the waiters?

Does he badmouth his ex or his friends?

Does he say ugly things about other people? If he does this when he’s trying to impress you, who knows what you can expect when he’s comfortable with you.
If you see these signs separately or collectively, you can begin to form a picture of the type of man you think he is. Is he a man who lacks confidence so you’ll need to stroke his ego of for the rest of the time you’re together? Is he a man who needs to show off his manliness by mistreating others? Is he a man who doesn’t care about what you want?

While It’s impossible to know everything about someone after only one date, these are some of the characteristics of a bad first date. These signs are things that usually only get worse over time. Should this be your only date? That’s your decision. But, remember you can never get back the time you waste on a man that’s definitely wrong for you. That time is better spent trying to find your Mr. Right.
Wishing you success in life and love,