5 Signs She Wants To Have Sex

It’s at that stage of the relationship again: you’ve been on a few dates, maybe stolen a few kisses, and it seems like things are heading towards the bedroom. But you don’t want to seem like you’re jumping the gun and desperate only to take her to bed; at the same time, you don’t want to not make a move and wind up her good friend. There are no clear-cut signs to look out for, but these are a few signs she wants to have sex.

This can range from anything from a raunchy kiss in the taxi to gently brushing your arm when she makes a joke. Basically, this is testing the water for both of you: are you both comfortable with this level of physical contact? It shows a certain amount of trust and attraction, too- after all, how many people wind up snuggled up to platonic friends? Mirror her actions and play the same game with her- don’t be afraid to give some of that physical contact back…

Signs She Wants to Have Sex 2: She’s Talking about Sex

It might not be that she’s bringing up the sexual exploits of her past, but maybe just telling slightly amusing anecdotes that just so happen to have to do with the nasty. Maybe she’s been dropping hints about how she’s slept with guys at this stage in the relationship before-keep an ear out and see if she’s mentioning sex more than she normally does. She might just have it on her mind too.

Signs She Wants to Have Sex 3: She’s Expressing her Attraction to You

If you’ve been on a few dates, you’re probably aware that she’s attracted to you. And she might start mentioning how good you look in a certain outfit, or with your hair that way- all just hint-dropping about how she is seriously into you, and what’s inside that outfit.

Signs She Wants to Have Sex 4: She Sticks by Your Side

If you’re finding that when you’re out in a group setting, or even one where mingling would be encouraged, you want to stick around her- and she wants to stick around you. You want to find time away from the group to spend as long as you can on a one-on-one setting. The more intimate and personal she makes the time you spend together, the more likely it is that she’s thinking about taking things to the next level.

Signs She Wants to Have Sex 5: She Invites You Over

Obviously, nothing guarantees sex, and nothing should be treated as if it does, but if a woman invites you over to her place (especially late at night) and implies that you’re alright to stay over, come prepared. Time alone in private places likely means she’s got one thing on her mind. But for goodness seek, don’t assume- and just take the situation as it comes (no pun intended).

So, basically, working out whether you’re newest crush actually wants to take things to the next level or not isn’t just based on a bunch of signs that you can tick off as you go along. Sex is something that happens between two people when the time is right, as appallingly cheesy at that sounds, and hopefully when the time is right, it will be clear to both of you. Always have fun and always stay safe.