Are You the Marrying Kind?

For centuries it has been assumed that people will eventually marry and have their own families. Years ago, it was the goal of all young women to marry and bear children. In many cultures, if girls weren’t married by the time they were 15, they were on their way to being spinsters. Although, the ages of marriage has become older these days, a bit of the same beliefs have held. Women today get married later and later in life due to the fact that they attend college and have their own important careers. It’s not unusual to see women in their 30s marry for the first time because they’ve given themselves time to get settled into their careers.

The rather unusual thing that people are seeing more and more in recent years, though, are women as well as men that never get married. For some of these people, it’s because they simply never met anyone they felt was the right person to spend the rest of their lives with. Others just didn’t want to be tied down legally to another person forever. That doesn’t mean that there’s anything wrong with this. It’s a choice.

Something that you should understand about yourself is whether or not you’re one of those people that shouldn’t be married.

There are certainly ways to tell if you fit into this category, and if you find yourself in that group, it’s only fair to share this information with people you date in the event that they’re looking for a life partner.

Many people just become ‘set in their ways.  This means that they have a certain routine and certain way that they like to do things and they’re not interested in changing that to accommodate someone else. You may thoroughly enjoy the company of someone special but you may also not want that person to live with you.

Are you financially independent? If so, it may bother you that you could have someone else relying on you to help them pay bills. There’s always a chance that someone you hook up with may have some financial issues that would hold you liable if you were legally attached. This is probably something else that you don’t want to get involved with.

It could be that you’re just not the caretaker type. You don’t want to be responsible for cooking for someone else or doing their laundry, and you aren’t excited about picking up after someone else. Maybe you don’t like looking after someone when they’re sick. All of these things are a part of a committed relationship, whether you’re living together or legally married.

Those are all things you need to consider seriously when figuring out if you want to be married or not. If you feel that you just don’t want all of the responsibility that goes along with committed relationships, you most likely aren’t the type of person that needs or even should be married. Don’t consider yourself deficient in any way if you feel this way. You’re not. Just be thankful that you realized it before walking down the aisle. But if you are the marrying type, please go ahead.