First Date Mistakes: Don’t Look For Marriage, You’ll Just Be Setting Yourself Up For Failure

What do you expect from a first date? Are you looking for a husband? Are you looking for a steady boyfriend? If you expect to find either of these on your first date, you’re setting yourself up for failure. The only thing you can expect to find on a first date is a man who may be perfect for you to date again. Expecting anything more your first date will ruin any fun you might have.

Hoping to get anything more than a second date,  makes dating a chore. It takes your first date from a fun, exciting time with someone you may want to get to know better to an interview or in some cases an interrogation.

Even if you don’t ask any questions that on the surface would seem like you’re looking for a mate, there will still be an unspoken tension. You may ruin a perfect date because you’re putting too much pressure on him and yourself.
Just imaging if it were you asked out by a man who was looking for a wife? While it might be flattering that he thinks you’re wife material, after awhile it might make you uncomfortable. You’d feel like you’re trying out for a position or a job, as his wife. The scrutiny may make you question every move you make. You’ll feel like a bug under a glass. That’s not the way you want to remember your first date with anyone.

You shouldn’t even think about exclusive relationships and commitment until you’ve been dating for a while.

Marriage thoughts should be even further down the road.  First dates, dating, dating him exclusively, commitment, and then you can start talking marriage. Does it always happen that way? No, but this is the best way if you want to keep things fun and want to keep your heart from being broken unnecessarily.

Now that you’re no longer looking for a commitment, you can start having fun on your first date.

This will allow you to date men that you like as a person. Date someone who interests you. A man who shares things in common with you will be the type of person you’ll want to spend time with. This is the best way to get a second date.

So, the next time you do go out plan to have first date fun. Only expect that you’ll have a great time. If you get a second date, that’s just a bonus. With no pressure on you to get him to pop the question, it makes it easier for you to date. And if you find that your date is the one looking for a wife, don’t panic; just remember you’re there to enjoy yourself. You may even get him to lighten up a little.