5 Tips On How to Impress A Girl

So, you’ve met a woman, and you think she’s really great. You definitely want to make the right kind of impression, but you’re just not certain how to do it. It’s way too early in your relationship to go overboard with massive spending and posh things, but you do want to work out how to impress this girl in a way that she’ll remember. Read on.

This is a classic one: listen out for the little things that she says she likes. If she’s a big fan of a movie or TV show or book, don’t just pick her up another copy- see if you can find some related merchandise that’ll show you’ve been listening and that you can think outside the box. Cost isn’t the key here; it’s about quietly showing that you’ve been paying attention to what she’s saying, and care enough to make a small gesture to show that.

Tip # 2: Be in The Moment

To be honest, this is just something that you should apply to every social interaction that you have. If you’re feeling a bit unconfident or nervous, it can be tempting to reach out and start fiddling with your phone: try to avoid giving into temptation at all costs. It’s the perfect way to impress on the person that you’re with that you’re not really paying attention to what they’re saying and are more interested in tapping out an email to your boss about more time off. Not attractive.

Tip # 3: Be Confident & Flirt w/ Her

Confidence is a really attractive trait in both men and women, but some people can misconstrue that as arrogance. Be sure not to come across as full of yourself, but display some confidence. The ability to be open, honest and cool with yourself while at the same time paying attention and being flirty with her is difficult to master, but a killer way to impress a woman.

Tip # 4: Tell Her How You Feel

This doesn’t mean that you have to invite every woman who makes eye contact with you out for dinner- it just means that you should be confident about making your feelings clear. You don’t have to declare your deepest desires in some dramatic speech, but inviting her out on a clearly romantic date or outrightly, calmly explaining your feelings to her can be really attractive. And if you’re not quick, someone might move in the way of your affections before you can!

Tip # 5: Ask Her Opinion

Being able to come to your potential new lady friend and ask for some honest advice or an opinion on a situation shows that you’re invested in her and trust her, and that you’re not afraid to come to other people for help. Just try not to come to her with devastating personal problems, as they can be a bit of a turn-off early on. But smaller things-especially little problems to do with your friends, like helping a friend find a new place to live- can show that you’re interested to make her a bigger part of your life, and want her to have a foothold before you drop her into the deep end.

Impressing a girl really comes down to the girl herself. If you spend enough time with her, it’ll become clear what you need to do to really make a positive impression- and even if you don’t, at least try and pull off one of our tips to have a good shot at a second chance…