Are You Dating for Sex?

When it comes to dating, there are many reasons that people do it. For the most part, dating is an activity that takes place for companionship and as a stepping stone to a romantic relationship. These are the best reasons for dating and they typically work to bring two people together in a committed relationship. There’s another reason that some people go on dates, and it’s not the best one to use.

This reason is simply to have sex with someone. In this day and age of massive sexual freedom along with the numerous sexually transmitted diseases that are out there, dating just to have sex is most likely one of the worst ideas imaginable. May be you could say that you will be careful; many have said that before but did not go very far. There are also many other avenues to take if you just want a sexual encounter. Casual sex isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. It provides a temporary physical release but can be quite emotionally and mentally unfulfilling.

For centuries, men have sought out women to pay for sex. This was never questioned even back when the French courtesans were all the rage. Prostitution has been around in one form or another always but it’s never been completely sanctioned. When women go about visiting one club after another trying to meet someone to have sex with, they’re essentially behaving like prostitutes, except they’re not paid for their favors.

If you’re using the dating game just so you can have sex, you may want to examine your true motives for conducting your life in this way.

Are you fearful of committing to just one man? Have you had so many bad relationships that you simply don’t want the hassle of dealing with another one? Could you possibly be addicted to variety sex and you cannot maintain a sexual relationship with only one person? Only you can answer the questions, but you may not be able to be honest with your answers.

Suffice it to say that if you’re using dating simply as a means to have sex, something needs to be thoroughly investigated. Most women don’t have sex on the first date even though sexual values have become quite a bit looser than in years past. If you’re taking that a step further by dating only to have sex and then casting away the man you dated, there’s really a need for you to speak with someone you trust about this behavior.

It’s not only demeaning to yourself, but it’s literally dangerous to your life due to the many STDs that abound. Keep in mind that such things as HIV and herpes aren’t curable. In fact, HIV can kill you if it turns into full blown AIDS. Some say these days they are more afraid of CANCER compared to AIDS, but that is easier said than done. Is your life worth a quick roll in bed? This is very self-destructive behavior and can be deadly if you decide not to seek some help and understanding for why you behave in this way.

It’s important that you’re as careful as you can be while continuing to date for sex. That’s the least you can do to protect yourself from the negative consequences of your actions.