7 Tips on How to Text Her- The Do’s and Donts

Have you ever experienced this?  You hook up with a gorgeous woman, totally your type and she actually seems like she into you. She gives you all the signs that tell you she is into you; she touches you, flips her hair, gags at your jokes, and she even gives you that say it all look that makes you think she really likes you.  We all know that look that a girl gives a guy when she is into it.

You’re not only flirty and but also charming. You are killing it and the feeling is awesome. On the inside, you feel warm. At this moment you have the confidence of a pure boss. Naturally, she gives you her digits only to text her the following day and get no response.

That is when you realize she flaked. But what’s more disturbing is that you can’t figure what you did wrong. This article mentions several do’s and Don’ts when it comes to texting women.  Follow these 7 tips on how to text her.
When it comes to dating, texting is one of the areas that most guys usually stumble. A lot of guys text women too much; in the process, they put the woman under pressure. The problem of texting too much is that the woman may perceive you as inferior to her; otherwise you would not be blowing up her phone with a hundred texts. It is human nature to resist the ideas of another person.

There will be nothing for the woman to resist if you don’t activate this reaction. By not doing this, you are giving her an opportunity to think of you on her own. Don’t you think it would be a wonderful thing to make her come to the conclusion that she wants you?

Tip # 2: Never return her text message right away

The intention of this is to create the impression you are busy with your life. When you reply to her text immediately, you are communicating that you are available. One of the ways to trigger attraction in women is by not being available. You are the man and so you are busy getting things in your life done, or even talking to other women. This makes her create some feelings of desire towards you. Thus, always be busy.

Tip # 3: Keep it brief

When texting a woman who just gave you her number, remember to keep the brief. By now, you ought to have noticed that women keep their texts brief whenever they are replying to new men. You should do the same. That way she will not think you are a bore or some doormat to walk on.

Tip # 4: While texting her, do not use make up stuff

It is a big mistake to use fabricated lines on women, not only in texting but also in real life. First of all, “lines” are unoriginal and women are pretty aware of this. Generally, every time you say a line that does not create feelings, you are not so different from the many guys pursuing her. She will feel cheap if you use fabricated lines on her.  Rather than using pick-up lines you have the natural ability to come up with something witty to text her. Text her things that portray your humor and confidence.

Tip # 5:Text her first

A number of the guys are quite misguided when it comes to communicating with women. Some often wonder, “Why should I text her first, she can as well text me”. The truth is that men are naturally supposed to the lead. As the man you have to take the initiative and text her first. Women see a man who does not take initiative as weak, lacking leadership qualities and guts.

Tip # 6: After getting her digits, text her soon

If a woman gives you her phone, there is a small window of opportunity to transform that number into a date. If you take forever to contact her, she will lose interest in you.  Contact her after 48 hours or less after getting her digits.

Tip # 7: Create some kind of emotion

Every time you build an emotional state with a woman, you will always get her attention. Emotions are key to being an “Attraction magnet. When a woman decides to go out with out with you, send you her nudes, or come over for some physical intimacy, it is not a logical decision; rather it was based on her emotions. So send her messages that spark emotion; this way, you will get her attention and transform it into a meet up.

Texting is a convenient way to chat up with a woman.  Unlike taking to her face to face or making a call, you will rarely get stranded on what to say because you have a moment to think about your response. Nevertheless, you can as well screw up things if you send her dry texts or messages that portray you as needy and sexually deprived. All the same, you can spark her interest and make her desire you by following these few guidelines.

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