8 Things You Shouldn’t Do After You’re Married

Most women agree that being single can be a great part of life. You have the freedom to do what you want when you want without having to answer to anyone. While marriage is usually a happy and blissful state of being, there are some boundaries and rules that come along with it.Besides the obvious one of not having sex with other people, there are some other things you shouldn’t do once you’re married that are not as obvious. Have a look at some of them:You can no longer get falling down drunk: This doesn’t look too hot on a single woman, but to do it when you’re married is totally inappropriate.

There’s nothing classy about staggering out of a club while your two girlfriends try holding you up. Use your bachelorette party to tie on your last one if you Must drink anyway.

Pajama parties with the girls are now out: When you’re single, it’s ok to stay out as late as you want with your girl pals. You can even have pajama parties when it’s too late to go home. When you’re married, you’ve got a husband and a house to take care of. Being out late with the girls should only happen for special events now. Besides, if you like being away from home and your husband that much, something’s really wrong.When you go out, leave the video model clothes at home: A married woman isn’t meant to appear skanky.

She can be as sexy as she wants as long as it’s in a classy way. She wants to make her husband proud, not make him her pimp.

Dinner dates with other men should be out: Even for business reasons, this is a bit inappropriate. If you need to meet for business or your best guy friend in the world wants some quality time with you, lunch is a better option. Let your husband know.No networking after 10PM: Everyone networks for professional reasons and it is fine for you to take part’up to a point. When the event turns social, it’s time for you to go home where you have a husband waiting.

Now you need to pay bills instead of splurge on shoes: When you’re single, it is fine for you to sacrifice things so you can have something that you really want. However, when you’re married, it’s now ‘we’ instead of ‘I.’ If you don’t pay your bills, it can have a negative effect on both you and your partner.There’s little more that’s grosser than drinking from the carton:

When you’re married, you’re most likely sharing the contents of that carton with your partner. Share with your partner.Start closing the bathroom door: There’s another person living with you now so you may want to keep some things private. If you’re both THAT comfortable with going to the bathroom with the door open, there’s nothing WRONG with it. It’s just kind of un-sexy.

There really are some things that need to be done secretly. Exposing too much might lead to boredom and losing interest, you are married yes, but at least do not expose everything all the time. He may lose interest and you know what that may lead to.Consider that you’re married now and there’s a certain decorum that you’ll need to follow. It doesn’t make you boring but it should make you more mature and make your marriage last.