Are There Confidence Building Shortcuts?


This word describing so much about a person. All gurus tell you – have this and your more than half-way on your journey to attraction. Most women tell you they love confident men. You see from experience confident guys tend to enjoy better quality of relationships and have overall better success with women.

A lot of gurus touch the topic with various programs, ways, advices. However the question still remains – is there a way that you can build confidence faster? Is there actual confidence building shortcut?

From my experience and from what I’ve seen – yes and no.

No, there isn’t any magic pill to boost your confidence into super hero mode. Some products may claim that and I have to disappoint you – it’s not exactly honest sale pitch.

… and yes – you can speed your process by building your confidence consciously.

Getting confident in something (which will improve your overall feeling) is a little bit complicated process. Fear not, here we break it down to three essential elements that you can work on.

1. Knowledge can get you confident. Let me give you an example. Let’s say you have an exam. I have no idea if you had heavy exam anxiety back in college (or university) but for the purpose – let’s say you have. There are so many topics and only few will happen to be on that exam. If you knew which topics would be drawn, you would be able to master them. This would certainly give you major boost on confidence and performance on that exam. Or – you know what will follow and how to respond to that situation. You can get knowledge from various sources and programs (check the review section here on right)

2. Competence gives you confidence. With experience in particular field – you begin feeling a lot more comfortable with the task. Let me give you an example with something most of you are very familiar with – driving. Remember your first parking attempt? Or making that maneuver while in motion? You was probably overwhelmed. Now you don’t even think about it – a little bit of your perception is taken on the driving while your mind is somewhere else. This is confidence given by experience. Experience you can get from … going outside and trying stuff out or going to bootcamps (check out my post here on competent confidence).

3. Inner beliefs factors your confidence. This is the most tough one. Something in your childhood might have happen that placed a boundary on particular skill of yours. Could be fear of disapproval, or getting embarrassed, rejected? This factor can be dealt by experience, but having another point of view or an exercise to target your subconscious mind can really help you here. This you can change by experiencing new things or old things new way and doing mental exercises that break the old habits. Again a lot of programs have similar inside.

Although those three are for sure not the only ways to build confidence, for me they have the most bigger impact when dealing with situations (including attraction and overall performance with women).

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