Are you what you despise?

People are usually unaware of that big aspect – they criticize other people about things that they do as the same habit.

For example someone may tell you he hates people that lie for small things, while ~30 minutes later he might lie about something small completely unaware he just did it.

This is only one example. People tend to do that a lot!

Here the psychology comes with the projection theory, that what people don’t like that in themselves, they project it outside on others (Keep in mind its simplified concept, the whole projection topic is big). This only hides the habit that person criticizes is the very same he possesses. If you are staying and watching this as a third party, unbiased by the situation – you can get very unpleasant feeling of this person.

My advice is to try keep aware when you criticize something that you don’t do the same thing yourself. Some people might not pay attention to this, but usually positive and high quality people will spot it right on and won’t be impressed by it. By general rule people like honesty and this is far from it.

What you can do right now is think of some moments where you remember criticizing something or someone and think of do you possess such habit or trait? If so, maybe you should change your point of view and of course,  try to get rid of that habit. Not a rocket science here.

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