First Date Jitters? 5 Relaxation Techniques to Combat Date Anxiety

Many people feel some type of apprehension about their first dates. Your date anxiety and fears can manifest themselves in various ways including first date jitters, headaches and muscle tension. No one wants to be in pain every time they go on a date.

Knowing that these fears are there, will make you hesitate the next time you get asked out. That is why learning these relaxation techniques are important. They will not only make you feel better on your date, it will probably make you a more successful dater.

1. Visualization

– Visualization is a good place to start. Think about your date. Imagine the sounds, smells, sights and feeling you’ll have. Think of the conversation and the food and how relaxed you are with your date. Visualize your date until you feel relaxed and comfortable with the situation,this will help reduce your first date anxiety.

2. Hypnosis

– There are many hypnosis audios available. Choose one for relaxation or to stop anxiety. Each hypnosis method is different so you will need to follow the instructions. Some give subliminal messages and can played at any time and others need for you to be completely relaxed. In additional to helping you with your date anxiety, a hypnosis audio may help you feel more relaxed overall.

3. Diaphragmatic Breathing

– When many people experience dating anxiety, they may start to hyperventilate. These shallow breaths can further trigger first date jitters. Diaphragmatic breathing can help you relax by allowing you to take full, deep breaths. With diaphragmatic breathing your stomach should rise and fall each time you breathe in and out.

4. Time breathing

– Like diaphragmatic breathing, time breathing is about getting you to slow your breath and relax. However, instead of deep breathing, with this breathing you are going to time your breaths. you can breathe in for a count of five and out for seven. By counting you’ll be able to develop a relaxing rhythm to your breaths and give your mind something to focus on.

5. Take Care of Your Health

– This includes getting regular exercise and getting enough sleep. while these won’t get rid of first date jitters, they will both help you feel more relaxed. one of the keys to reducing your date anxiety is to try to make itself feel physically and mentally relaxed. That starts with you.
First date jitters are normal. Everyone experiences some year when they go to meet someone new. So, you won’t eliminate date anxiety altogether, but you can make it more tolerable. As you go one more dates, you’ll find that you’ll be less anxious in time. By practicing these tips you’ll be able to remain cool, calm and relaxed during any date.
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