The 2 Steps You Must Know on How to Get Your Girlfriend Back

Chances are, if you want to know how to get your girlfriend back, then you’ve probably already started trying things to get her to change her mind. These can range from pleading to promising to change. You may have even tried to break up her new relationship. Unfortunately, doing these things almost always make the situation much worse.

What You Should Do First

When it comes to getting your girlfriend back, you need to start out by taking an honest look at your behavior. Anything that is similar to the actions mentioned earlier needs to end now. Look at your behavior from her point of view. Think about it – if you’ve been following her around and “accidentally” popping up where she is, you’re going to come across like more of a stalker than the boyfriend she fell in love with. You only want to get her back and have nothing but the best intentions but her instinct will be to distance herself from that kind of behavior.

Next time you end up in the same place together, simply say hello and go about your business. Be nice and polite but don’t stick around. If nothing else, the change in your behavior will make her wonder if she made the right decision.
The next thing, no more calling! Not to say hello, not to “talk things out”. No reason at all – this is especially true if you’ve been calling her multiple times per day. At this point, you need to take a step back. Don’t worry, you will call her soon enough, but only after you have prepared everything necessary for getting her back!

Again, look at your calls from her point of view. Yes, you are only trying to get her to talk to you so that you can work things out. However, from her perspective your constant calls are smothering. The only thing a woman will do with faced with being crowded and smothered in this way is to run from you!

What You Need to Do Next

Introspection is a good thing and there is no better time than this time away from your ex-girlfriend. Be absolutely honest with yourself – do you know why she left? What was your part in her decision? Everyone has things about themselves that they would like to change – what are yours?
Use this time apart to do all of the things that you’ve always wanted to do. Learn a new language, start lifting weights, learn a new skill – essentially, do things that are going to make you grow as a person. This growth will be noticed by those around you and will pique the interest of your ex-girlfriend.

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