Tips to get in the mood 1. Learn the art of massage

When she’s feeling tensed up, she may not be as open to certain activities in the bedroom that you would like to be participating in. One of the reasons for this is because when we are tense we tend to be stressed about something and when we’re stressed about something we tend to be thinking or worrying about it.

And when we’re thinking or worrying about it we would never be able to reach an orgasm so why even bother to try?

So go out and buy some massage oils and research a few massage techniques that will help her let go of all her worries and be more willing to focus on other things.

2. Point out her good qualities

Is she the queen of cooking? Can she multi-task better than anyone else you’ve ever seen? Is she a great people person? If so than tell her.

Every woman wants to hear good things about themselves. Even small things that you may think don’t matter can make us feel good.

By pointing out her talents your showing her that you recognize what she’s good at and appreciate it. You may also be pointing out a talent that she didn’t know she had which will instantly make her feel better about herself. When she’s looking at you as the guy who sees what she’s good at past the bedroom she’ll want to show you what she’s good at in the bedroom.

3. Talk about it well before it happens

Instead of getting straight to the point take the time to build it up.

While you’re watching a movie stroke feet and check her out periodically. Tell her how sexy she looks or talk about the last time you made love. Tell her something that will make her think about getting it on.

Then her mind can do its own work and believe me, her mind knows exactly what will get her to that point.

4. Change up the activity

The same old routine in the bedroom gets stale and it often follows the same old routine before the bedroom.
Try switching up your evening activities even if it means heading out to a movie instead of staying in to watch TV.

Even very small changes will give your love life a new sense of pleasure. A change is a change and it interrupts the daily routine.

Consider a change of scenery. You could book a hotel for a romantic escape.

5. Don’t use the same move over and over again

Just like it’s nice to have a change of scenery it’s also nice to have a change of our mans moves. Change up the sexy look you give her. Grab her hair instead of stroking it.

Change up the positions in bed and take your time getting to it instead of just going for it. Whatever it is that you always do surprise her by changing it up and I’m sure she’ll surprise you back.

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