What Attracts Men To Women

What attracts men to women in the men’s eyes may be far from what you actually think.

Though men are visual creatures, the sand hour glass figure, those glossy lips, cascading hair, bright and congenial presence is not a 100% guaranteed attraction to men. However, women are created beautiful naturally and have the ability to attract any man. Discovering what men actually want is the key to unlocking their desires.

Understanding that besides physical beauty men are greatly attracted to women who possess impressive traits like good character, confidence and intelligence is vital. Good character includes attractive behavior and charming personality traits. Confidence on the other hand, beats any physical flaws and brings out an inner strength that is so irresistible to a man.

Elsewhere, intelligence challenges men and makes them feel that they have to be smarter to get you. An intelligent woman is well informed and not afraid to face any challenges because she believes that she can do what men do. This makes the man chase her and want to be with her.

Good grooming is another thing that can instantly turn on a man. A smart well groomed woman attracts a man as she appears neat and well cultivated. She appears to have taken time to make up herself and thus will definitely be able to keep her home clean. Cleanliness is a virtue that men desire and want to find in a woman. No man wants a messy woman who cannot be presentable.

Besides grooming, respect is perhaps the greatest attraction of women to men.

Any man wants to be respected by a woman since creation. Respect is portrayed in how you talk to the man, your kindness, submission, listening skills and response to him. Making a man feel disrespected through insolent acts like shouting at him, being disobedient and, rude is an instant turn off for men.

Apart from those outstanding virtues there are other things that attract men to women who they want to date or marry eventually. Research has revealed that men are attracted to women for just a date due to features like their lips, hips, breasts, eyes, dental formula, hair or general body type (thin/ fat). Other virtues and factors are sexual chemistry, tenderness, sense of humor, communication skills, intellectual smartness and kindness.

For marriage, women attract men due to their sexual appeal, sexual prowess, body type, warm nature, generosity, look, financial status, personality, communication and respect.

Don’t be just another woman.Be someone who they ‘ll keep thinking about,someone worth the admiration and respect,someone unique.This is how to attract men.