What Do Men Really Want?

There are some age old mysteries that fun to revisit every now and then.  

Occasionally, the answers change from one generation to another or one sect of society to another.   For example, let’s take this question:   «What do men really want from their wife.»

A couple of answers come to mind.   The silly answer would be simply, «Sex!»  But, that would seriously cheapen the true nature of a marriage.   The real answer should be the absolute love and loyalty of a woman.   Of course, it is easy to say.   However, what does that really mean?

Do men want or need a female slave to call a wife?  

No.   Men need a lot of things, as I am sure women do.   Not being a woman, I can’t speak for the fairer sex.   I heard someone say once that, «Behind any successful man, is an even smarter woman.»  Please don’t misinterpret.

That is not say that women need to forever be subservient to men.   It is just to say that men require support.   Men require someone to believe in them, encourage them, and advise them.

Men can, have, and will conquer worlds as long as they feel the love and security of a good woman.   There is a woman very near and dear to my heart.   She said five words that meant more to me than anything any woman ever said before:   «I am proud of you.»  I’ll never forget it.   It touched me in a way that I cannot adequately describe.   It humbled me, and invigorated me all at the same time.   At that moment, I could have jumped tall buildings.

Men require honesty.  

Not only do they need to be told when they are doing something good.   But, when they mess up, tell them.   Don’t nag.   Just tell.   And, do not dwell on negative things.   Catch them doing something right!   Positive encouragement works.
Again, what do men want from a wife?   Men tell women that they look pretty, cute, attractive, etc.   Women should not be afraid to tell men the same thing.   «Wow!   You look good today.   I love that cologne.   I can tell you have lost weight, and look great!»  Men like to feel they have been admired and appreciated.   So, imagine the loyalty and feelings a man would have for the woman that could honestly provide that.

Men are raised to have tough skin.

Or, they are at least expected to portray it.   The truth is that men are people too.   They have fragile egos.   They have good days.   They even have bad ones.   A good wife will create an environment where a husband wants to come home and share each.   He needs a best friend.

Women are under considerable pressure to look good.   Men like to try.   To tell a man that he looks good, or that you appreciate him physically for more than basic protection means a lot. Show him.   Give him random kisses and hugs.   Show him is more than a friend, more than a partner.   Show him he is desired as a lover, frequently.

I hope this has shed a little light on what men look for in a wife.   They need an honest best friend.   They need to appreciate their husbands.   They should be prone to random acts of affection.   In others words, treat him like a man, so that he has reason to act like one.