What Is The True Purpose of Dating?

Dating is considered an exciting activity by many.

Can you still remember your first date? It was the time when you asked that girl out or that moment when your crush finally invited you out for the latest Batman movie. Recall the excitement and thrill in your body. You had practiced words perhaps for an opening conversation or had some exciting topics to talk to, just in case you forgot what to say. You would meticulously choose where you would spend dinner together, considering too the menu, the environment and even the music being played.

Who could forget such highlights in our lives? As human beings, we have the need to receive love and give love. They are two sides of one coin. And we find and feel this need affirmed every time we set out on our dates. Dating can be addictive and people find countless ways on how to make it an even more memorable and exciting experience. In the search for the perfect date, do we really understand the real purpose of dating? Or have we truly degraded its value and taken lightly its effect on our future relationships.

In understanding dating, the first question to ask is what is it really about? Dating is about getting to know the other person more, often with a romantic intent at hand. Why would you date if you aren’t interested anyway? Why would you spend your time on someone if you are not really positive and open about the possibilities? So in the act of dating, there is mutual interest and there is openness. Dating promotes an opportunity to measure up the compatibility of the partnership.

It is where we find the answer to our usual question, «Is he/she the one?» or «Are we meant for each other?» The second question to ask is who will I date? Or who should I date. In dating, it is also very important to choose who to date. Sometimes we need to be radical about this process. A warning to the girls: there are guys out there who aren’t really sincere about their intention of dating. Some, not all, are usually sexually motivated with the intent of hooking up.

Watch out and be on guard.

A warning to the boys: Guys, be careful with the dating game. Know that your actions can have great consequences that you might regret in the near future. The ball is with you. You set the play and the pace of the game. It’s not just a game; you are dealing with someone else’s life. Be sincere and careful in dating that woman. See what is best for her and not just for you. It is preferred that you already know the person in terms of background, areas of interests and personality, even before you ask them for a date.

With the little knowledge about them, you can see and find better ways to make the date meaningful and worthy of another one. The last equally important question to ask is when will I date? When is the right time? Or is there really a right time for dating. The answer is yes! There is definitely a right time for dating. When?

It is when you are ready for it. Being ready emotionally, financially, psychologically is mostly the perfect time for dating. Being ready means that you are willing to face what lays ahead for you and your date, in this case, being ready for marriage or preparing for it.

The end of this article is the question- Is this all really possible? Yes it is for sure. Find couples out there who walked the road less traveled, and you will see that they had no regrets at all. So let us make a standard for dating. After all, when you don’t stand up for something, you are sure to fall for anything.