Who Wears The Pants in Your Relationship?

Is One of You in Charge in Your Relationship?

We all know what that term means. Who is the ‘boss’ in your relationship and makes the majority of the decisions? Who decides what to do and when to do it when it comes to your relationship life – even your sexual relationship.
The answer is – it depends.

In many cultures the man makes the decisions more so than the women in a relationship. He may make 80% of the decisions while the woman is left with the other 20%. And the thing is, these women are okay with that because it’s the way they were raised. It’s their belief. And that’s just the way it is. They respect their man and his ability to make the decisions – and that’s pretty stress free I would say.

Of course there are comedy shows built around a woman making all of the decisions in a relationship – and many people can relate to that. She decides where to go, how to do it, and even when to have sex. It’s not obviously forceful but it’s just something that has been happening over and over again until the man just sits back and goes with the flow – whether he likes it or not. And then there’s the opposite of that situation, where the man makes all the decisions in a relationship – whether she likes it or not!

This typically gets looked at as abusive on some level.

This is when the woman gives in to sex even though she doesn’t want it, and it’s also when the man demands things from his wife while he sits around watching TV. I’m not sure why the male normally takes it to this extreme, but when he has all the power – that’s normally what happens.

That’s where the difference lays between the woman making all the decisions and the man making all the decisions. It’s all about force, laziness, and expectations. The woman doesn’t normally fall into the lazy, forceful, and expecting role as hard-core as the man does.

Of course there are exceptions to the rule!

And you may very well be in that category!

And then there’s the good old 50/50 in the relationship. I believe that unless you were raised otherwise (traditionally not abusively) that this is the sweet spot for most relationships. This is where the most happiness comes in. It takes some work to get to this point. It’s about understanding, compassion, patience, and communication – but it’s a good place to be.

So where are you? You ARE in one of these spots in your relationship. There’s nowhere else to go!

If you are not where you should be with your woman then you may want to make a plan to get there! Trust me, happiness comes from a loving and giving relationship and will make you feel closer instantly if you can pull yourselves towards the 50/50 mark.
Get out and read, learn, and take action on a healthier and happier relationship!