Why Relationship Problems

Happen When You Don’t Make Your Relationship a Focus Are You Creating Relationship Problems Without Knowing it?
Have you moved your focus from your relationship to work, working out, or hardly working? If your relationship has become less of a focus and more of a routine or habit then your relationship will suffer and relationship problems will start!

In the beginning of the relationship your focus was on the relationship and your partner.

First you wanted to go out on a date, then you wanted to go out on lots of dates, then you wanted to become closer, then you wanted to connect on a new level, and so on and so forth.

The point is, your relationship was something you were focused on improving so that you wouldn’t lose your new love interest and so that relationship problems would not occur. But once you become comfortable this relationship focus can take a back seat, and naturally relationship problems start.

Relationship Problems That Can Occur From Lack of Relationship Focus

You may not notice the relationship problems at first, but even though they are not huge relationship problems they are still tiny cracks that will eventually cause huge relationships problems.

1. Loss of Trust

Once you stop focusing on the relationship you can lose the trust that was once there. If one of you stops working on the relationship and making it a priority, the other person can become suspicious of the reasons why.

Why do they not want to spend time with me?

Why do they not want to resolve this issue?

Little thoughts like those may start out as little concerns but soon they can become beliefs, and you believe that your partner doesn’t think you are important enough to spend time with, for instance, then you start to wonder who they would rather spend time with or what they would rather spend time doing.

2. Less of a Connection

When you move your focus from your relationship to other things you can loss a connection or bond that the two of you share, and this can cause relationship problems like bickering, annoyance, blaming, and hurt.

That bond is what makes you feel like you are a unit. You two against the world! Even if everyone else doesn’t understand you or support you, you have your partner who is there for you. Once that bond starts to slip away so does that feeling. And that’s a huge sign that relationship problems are on the horizon!

3. Looking Outside of the Relationship For a Bond

Once you lose trust and your bond it becomes easy to look outside the relationship for that bond. We all need the comfort of someone we trust completely and who supports us as well, and if we are not getting it from our partner we may look elsewhere.
I’m not talking about sexually cheating on your partner with someone else.

Although, that can happen. I’m talking about cheating on your partner in another way; sharing the things that you should be sharing with someone else and connecting with someone else the way you should be connecting with your partner. This can create jealousy, hurt, and anger in your partner.

If you find that you relate better to your friends than your partner now, then this is a huge sign of a relationship problem. You are growing apart of your partner.

Your partner is the one who you live with, share your life with, and should be most connected to – without question.
So if you see any of these signs of relationship problems then check your relationship focus.
Have you been more focused on something else like work or friends or even your x-box? If you have then you need to start shifting some focus back to your relationship. Work on it, tend to it, and make it better with every single day.