Why Women Choose to Date Older Men

Men might have a tough time understanding why women their age would rather have an older man with gray hair than someone their own age. It might be hard for anyone to understand but there are good, solid reasons why women sometimes choose to date older men.

One reason that women may prefer an older man than someone their age is that older men are more confident and stable. A man who is a bit older walks and presents themselves in a confident manner.

They may feel that men their age are too overly confident and it comes as a turnoff to them. But an older man is more stable and comfortable with whom they are and women feel more at ease and relaxed around them.

While money is not everything to a woman, it helps if the man at least has a job.

Men that are older more than likely have a solid job or stable career. The fact is that a woman may see an older man as more stable in his job. If the company were to do layoffs, the younger, more inexperienced guys are likely the ones to get laid off first.



But the older man who has been there a good many years is probably going to keep his job. This may not always be the case but for the most part, it is normally how it happens.


Women like men who are smart and intellectual.

After all, who in their right mind wants to be with a man who isn’t exactly smart? People tend to get smarter as they get older. So a guy in his 20’s has nothing over a 40 year old man. It is no secret that women like to have deep, meaningful conversations and they feel they can get this with an older man.

Both men and women know that the exciting part about dating is the chase. But some women just want a man who knows what he wants and goes after it. She doesn’t want someone who will play games in order to get her attention. Men like to play hard to get just to get a woman’s attention but older men tend not to do this as much because they have been around the block a time or two. He knows exactly what he wants and will waste no time in getting it.

With an older man, it isn’t about how fast he can get a woman into bed. Older men will put affection before sex. This is because older men have more experience in relationships and they have figured out exactly what a woman wants. He makes her feel more confident and this in turn makes her feel much closer to him.